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Automatic baggers, scales, and conveyors; Semi-automatic baggers and scales; Automatic Pouch machine; Scale loaders; Custom batching equipment



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Pouch Wizard Automatic Bagger

Pouch Wizard Automatic Bagger:

Runs flat pre-made laminated and polyethylene bags / stand-up pouches with zippers and shrink / vacuum bags.


Smart Conveyor

Smart Indexing Conveyor:

High speed SMART conveyor - custom built for your application. Custom designed erector set flexibility for easy reconfiguration.


Wicket Wizard

Wicket Wizard 2000:

Automatic Bagger/Sealer. Developed to operate with automatic scales, fillers, etc. or semi-automatic and hand load operations.


Hand Load Scale

Hand Load Scale:

This is the perfect method for weighing product that is difficult to feed. It ties in with all packaging equipment and can be custom built to your needs.


Operator Assisted Bagger

Operator Assisted Bagger:

Designed to work in tough wash-down environments. Operator friendly with no foot levers. Weighing is automatic! This new design comes with a dual feed automatic scale mounted above a semi-automatic bagger/sealer.


Scale Loader

Scale Loader:

Our greatest little scale/bagger. Makes batches according to the parameters you set and dispenses them into the bag for sealing.


Top Off Scale

Top Off Scale:

Custom built to meet your needs. Can run automatically or with an operator assisting in final weight make-up depending upon tolerances required.




Chicken Strips Application

This video shows the Wicket Wizard bagger with a staging guillotine and the Smart Indexing conveyor operating with a combination scale.



Diverter Running 45-50 Bags Per Minute With 2 Wicket Wizards (Extra Redundancy).